The Demons from Deep # 1 - The Valkyrie and the Snowy Owl

The Demons from Deep # 1 - The Valkyrie and the Snowy Owl

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Bloodthirsty demons who want to wipe out the human race.

Gabriel shares his body with such a one, and is therefore no stranger to the supernatural world. But when he meets the beautiful Adeline, everything changes.

Can he tame the Valkyrie in the woman that his demon cannot live without, or will Adeline be his death?

What if there is more than what the human eye can see? Adeline knows that does. Something dark is trapped in her body and has caused her to kill.

The fearsome warrior Gabriel is sure he can help her, but can he?

Excerpt from the book: Adeline can do nothing as the Valkyrie tears herself free from her psychic grip. The sharp claws flaunt Gabriel's belly skin while Adeline screams in horror. She looks into his astonished eyes, changing from his own metallic gray to the owl's white. Silence! Adeline's heartbreaking scream makes the cold sweat spring up on Gabriel's skin. The heart stops pumping blood around, yet it feels worse as her screams end and silence is the only thing that fills the cold streets.

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