My name is Pernille Kim Vørs, and I am an author in the dark romance / law literature genre.

I was born in 1973, have 2 grown children who have long since flown from the nest. I'm married to Carsten and we live a little outside Skibby.


In late 2020, I quit my “regular” job and took the plunge as a full-time writer. I did it to give myself more time, but I’ve gotten less, because now it goes really fast with writing books.


Author life is everything I have dreamed of and I am deeply grateful that so many like my books and support me.

Many thanks to all of you who support me


So what do I do now?

  • D. 26/3/2021: Published "Stay with me - 4 and last book in the Boundless series

  • On June 1, "Never Without" No. 3 book in Feisty ladies was published
  • In August, the first book in the series "The Brand Forever" will be published, which is a series about firefighters and their loved ones.
  • Right now I am writing on the 5th book in the "Feisty ladies" series
  • Next to that, Saga Egmont works hard to translate the first 3 books in the "Feisty ladies" series and the first 3 books in the "Branded Forever" series. And they have come this far. I look forward to telling you more about it later in the year. They are also published in English, German, Swedish, Dutch and Finnish. (It's hammering big, and I can 't get my arms down at all.)

At this link you can watch some of my videos incl. the one from my very first and very nerve-wracking live streaming which is from the 1/6

2021. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HKMOPo-3Sk


Signing off for this time ...

Is there anything you want to know about me, write and I will see if it is something I can answer and post here ☺️