Boundless # 4 - Stay with me - NOT YET OUT

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The life of the harness has changed after Rayan, and not just because he is no longer there. He left far more than a longing, namely hope for better times.

Selene has no choice, she has to find her way back to normal and put the destructive thoughts away with the changes that lie ahead.

Roland is not only the leader of a lawless group of men. He's also a man who keeps his word, and that's exactly what he gave to Rayan before his friend left him.

However, he was not even aware that it takes a hell of a lot of stubbornness and a hell of a strong psyche to keep his word when it's the stuffy Selene the promise is about.

Fortunately, he is known to have both. The question is just whether he has enough.  

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