The Solicitor and The Spider #2

The Solicitor and The Spider #2

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The Solicitor and the Spider is the second of four novels.

Jannik Rusetto is a highly successful solicitor. As a result of his dark past, Jannik has no intention of committing to a single woman. He finds pleasure in dominating women and relies on sex workers to help him fulfil his desires.

At first glance, twenty-seven-year-old Isadora, seems like a normal sex worker, but looks can deceive. Rather than engaging in sexual acts, she sedates her customers and steals their money,but she does not steal out of greed. The road to her goal is long and difficult, but she manages to evade any real trouble until she comes across Jannik Rusetto. He is not an easy target, and Isadora rouses repressed feelings in him, making the pair of them a dangerous cocktail indeed.

Both have led hard lives that have forced them into survival mode. They are damaged, and neither knows how to show love and affection. The crossing of their path is the start of an emotional rollercoaster that shakes the very ground beneath their feet. When things go wrong, they only have each other, but neither is prepared to let the other in.