The Demons from Depth # 2 - Man and the Eagle

The Demons from Depth # 2 - Man and the Eagle

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The warrior Arzuz likes to escape from everything that has to do with emotions. The demon in him loves emotions and likes the heavy of them. It always seeks out other dark secrets and mingles in them - right up until Arzuz meets Freya.

"She turns around," he thinks. "She's lost in me. After the round I just gave her, she will turn to look one last time at my beautiful face." He takes the wound to his chest as it turns out the woman is not even slowing down as she rounds the corner. What the hell was going on? Has he really just met his female counterpart?

Freja is a woman with an agenda. She has a plan that must not fail under any circumstances. She must find the warriors with the demons. She has to fool one of them into thinking she's their mate.

"Stay!" she commands, and as she has locked him to the place, Arzuz remains lying. "Do not do it to me," he pleads, and genuine panic shines in his beautiful eyes. "Freya, please do not force me." "Drink!" With a growling sound from the demon, he slaps her hand away and attacks her throat with the demon's razor-sharp teeth.

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